Hello, Welcome to my new blog

12. May 2016 Uncategorized 0

I am very excited to finally have my very own blog.

I live quite the crazy life but I love every second of it.

Just in case you know nothing about me, my name is Susie and I have 6 children, with my two husbands.

(I know you’re judging me already…)

I honestly couldn’t see it any other way. I am a lucky person, a person that has not one but two PERFECT matches.

(I have to give eHarmony credit for that)

I have interests in lots of things that I will share here in due time, as you could imagine I have quite the busy life.

I look forward to getting the chance to blog and express myself, my husbands tell me I really need this.

Can you believe that I annoy the hell out of both of them?

Me either..

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